The Nanōmix eLab® system is a point of care, complete mobile immunoassay diagnostic system designed to overcome challenges in healthcare settings to provide critical diagnostics earlier, that improve patient outcomes through quality and timely results, closer to the patient.

The portable eLab® reader and the S1 Critical Care assay, helps to make informed treatment decisions at the bed side, by measuring three key biomarkers in a blood or plasma sample in real-time increasing the accuracy of sepsis and pneumonia diagnostics.

Rapid detection of sepsis and pneumonia is critical. Delay in the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis increases mortality by 7% every hour.  The 12 minute S1 multiplex assay will simultaneously determine the presence of an infection (CRP), indicate that the infection is caused by a bacterial pathogen (Procalcitonin) and give an indication of severity through the quantification of Lactate.  

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