Mast Group Ltd. offers a range of products for identification and detection by a variety of methods, incorporating disc testing, biochemical tests, latex agglutination and agglutinating antisera.

Utilising Mast Group Ltd's. 60 years of experience, the ID and Detection range gives clinical laboratories confidence in the day to day identification and differentiation of aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms by their biochemical properties and resistance mechanisms.

These products include:
  • MASTDISCS® ID in cartridges or vials and MASTRING-S® incorporating biochemical reagents, growth factors and antibiotics

  • MAST® ID paper strips and circles impregnated with biochemical reagents or antibiotics

  • MAST® ASSURE an extensive range of both polyvalent and monovalent diagnostic antisera

  • MAST® ID Biochemical Identification media for the clinical identification of Enterobacteriaceae

  • Identification of MRSA and Coagulase using MAST®ID SELECTAVIAL


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MAST® ASSURE Yersinia Antisera

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MAST® ASSURE Bordetella Antisera

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Receptor Destroying Enzyme

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Biochemical Identification Media

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