A range of in vitro diagnostic kits and ELISA immunoassays for the detection of anti-nuclear antibodies directed against nuclear antigens by immunofluorescence or to aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases Autoimmune diseases are caused by a disorder of the cellular and/or humoral immune system. The body's immune system protects it from disease and infection, however in the case of an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body by mistake. Autoimmune diseases are either directed systemically, or against a specific organ or tissue. Organ specific autoimmune diseases may lead to functional restrictions or total failure of the corresponding organ or tissue while systemic autoimmune diseases may affect several organs. Anti-nuclear antibodies are divided into 4 categories according to the nuclear antigens they target DNA, Histone, RNA bound non-histone proteins and nucleolar.

  • MASTAFLUOR® autoimmune immunofluorescence - the fluorescence patterns generated by the various auto-antibodies are associated with particular human autoimmune diseases, and so aid their diagnosis.
  • MASTAZYME® autoimmune EIA kits incorporate assays to screen for multiple autoimmune indicators in addition to the detection of individual auto-antibodies which are highly predictive for specific autoimmune conditions. Antigens for the anti-nuclear auto-antibodies are pre-coated onto 96 well microtitre plates in break-apart strip format (12 x 8) to allow for random sampling, manual processing and use with automated EIA analysers.
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